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Thalassaemia is a heterogeneous group of disorders with a genetically determined reduction in the rate of synthesis of one or more types of normal heamoglobin polypeptide chain. This results in a decrease in the amount of the haemoglobin involving the affected chain. In some forms of thalassaemia, the genetic mutation results in the synthesis of a structurally abnormal haemoglobin which is produced at a reduced rate.

Lab One Foundation of Thalassaemia (sister concern of Lab One Foundation) located at Dhaka city in Bangladesh is a private and non-profitable organization which started its journey in January 2002 to establish a complete Thalassaemia hospital at private initiative. For the last 19 years, this hospital is attempting its level best to provide modern treatment facilities and safe blood transfusion to the thalassaemic patients. All kinds of treatment facilities for Thalassaemia patients are available here and treatment is provided to the poor and helpless patients by taking the donation from the foundation. As a relaible organization for thalassaemic patients, it has become widely familiar to all over the country . By the cordial support of founder president, doctor, nurse and other staffs, this hospital has turn into the topmost institution in Bangladesh for Thalassaemia patients.