Bangladesh is a developing country. Most of the people lead their life in hand to mouth & many of them live below the poverty line. In this situation, If any child born with thalassaemia, he is a curse of this family because that family cannot bear any cost for treatment. A thalassaemia patient needs 10,000 to 30,000 tk per month for regular health check up, tests, blood transfusion, medicine & others cost which is quite impossible to manage this huge money for maximum family in our country. As a result, that patients survive their life in various problems till death.

Thalassaemia is a inherited disease. If father or mother is affected in thalassaemia, their children will born with thalassaemia. In Bangladesh, about 10 percent people carry thalassaemia gene & about 4 percent people are affected in thalassaemia. We know that only proper knowledge about thalassaemia can prevent this silent killing disease. We should raise awareness about thalassaemia that we can make a thalassaemia free country. Lets come, we spread out about thalassaemia in every corner of our country.