We arrange different kinds of program in different times to raise awareness for the management, treatment and prevention of thalassaemia. Our country people do not have any idea about thalassaemia. After becoming a thalassaemia patient, they know about this disease. As a result, they lead their whole life in various problems. We know that only awareness can prevent this disease. For this reason, our aim is to raise awareness about thalassaemia in every corner of Bangladesh that we can make a thalassaemia free Bangladesh. We arrange free Blood grouping, thalassaemia screening test & Blood Donation program in different times in different places by joint collaboration of Lab One Foundation of Thalassaemia and Lab One Blood Donor Club. We celebrate ‘World Thalassaemia Day’ every year where participate registered patients of Lab One Foundation of Thalassaemia. In Thalassaemia Day program, patients can know about update management of thalassaemia. Stay with us & help us to make a thalassaemia free Bangladesh.